Generally, you shouldn't hire a lawyer without a consultation. A consultation gives you an opportunity to meet the lawyer and get to know him. If you don't feel comfortable with him, move on. If he can't discuss in general terms—it's too soon to know any specifics—the possible issues in the case, move on. If he won't give you a specific price or fee, move on. (An unethical attorney will charge you a fee "to get started" on your case—ostensibly, so he can see what's involved. Then, he'll quote you a huge fee to complete the case. He knows you'll likely pay this inflated fee because you're already invested with him. If not, he gets the initial fee for doing almost nothing. Either way, it's a win/win for the attorney and a lose/lose for you.)  

Expect to pay for a consultation. Part of an attorney's stock-in-trade is his time. Spending an hour with someone who may or may not hire him is money lost. Therefore, most attorneys charge a nominal consultation fee. (We do. It's $200.) The amount is usually less than an hourly rate. Most attorneys will apply it to the fee in the case if you hire them. (We do.) The consultation fee, though nominal especially when compared to representation fees in almost all cases, separates the tire kickers who aren't serious potential clients from the legitimate ones. We only have time for legitimate potential clients—if you're just looking for some free advice, keep looking; there's nothing to see here. 

In some cases, we may be able to waive consultation fees for prospective clients referred by other attorneys and law enforcement and judicial personnel. If you have been referred by another attorney, court personnel, or law enforcement, let us know; we may be able to waive the consultation fee. Otherwise, to pay your consultation fee, enter your name and phone number and select Buy Now. If you've already scheduled a consultation, this will confirm your appointment; if not, we'll contact you to schedule. 

Fees paid for consultations are earned when received without exception because it guarantees time on the attorney's calendar thereby precluding other employment at that time. 

To purchase a consultation or make a payment go to the Making Payment page under Your Case.