Federal crimes come in many varieties. Most federal crimes prosecuted in Texas are large scale narcotics trafficking offenses, firearms offenses (including felons in possession, dealing firearms without a license, and using a firearm in a drug or violent crime), and immigration offenses. But there are many more federal crimes. 

Many fraud and corruption offenses are federal crimes because they used an instrumentality of interstate commerce (like a telephone or the mail) or involve government programs or funds. Other offenses include robbery of a federally insured bank, interstate failure to pay child support, false statements to any government entity or individual, kidnapping, tax offenses, and many regulatory offenses including securities violations. 

Federal criminal defense is an entirely different process than the Texas (or most any other state's) criminal process. Hiring someone without extensive federal criminal experience to defend your federal criminal case can be an error of catastrophic proportions. Many of the mistakes that can be made cannot be remedied. If you don't hire us, at least let us refer you to a qualified colleague.  

Leigh representing the lead defendant in a federal conspiracy case.