Legal fees with experienced, effective attorneys aren't cheap. Fees will vary by case. Some cases will be more; some will be less. But do not expect us to be cheap. If you are looking for the least expensive attorney, keep looking. This is not a volume practice. We do not offer—and have no interest in offering—the lowest price. We are mindful of the old adage, "you get what you pay for." With us, you will get representation the quality of which will be commensurate with the fees you pay. 

That said, fees can be structured based on the case and its needs. Many cases, especially criminal ones, can be handled on a flat fee basis. This gives you, the client, certainty of cost and confidence from the knowledge that your case will be handled for the specific fee amount. Other cases are better handled on an hourly fee basis. These are usually, but not always, civil litigation and white collar or economic criminal cases. The sheer volume of documents some cases involve (or uncertainty about the quantity of documents at the outset of the case) and the amount of investigation required make hourly fees more practical in many cases. A flat fee great enough to cover all contingencies in a case could be excessive for most cases. With hourly fee cases expect to tender a deposit to be held in trust for the duration of the case and be billed monthly for the work performed on your case. 

As we said on the home page of this website, we handle litigation with life-changing potential. That requires a level of experience and skill not possessed by all attorneys. That requires a level of effort most attorneys can't—or won't—make. And those things are priced accordingly. If you visit with us and we're not right for you, we're happy to provide referrals to other attorneys who may be more affordable or who might otherwise be a better fit.