To get started, contact us for a consultation. Unless we're in trial, we can usually get you in within a day or so. At the consultation, bring anything and everything pertinent to the case. Though not applicable to every case, this includes case or cause number; court; court date or pending deadlines; law enforcement agency (if any); officer, detective or special agent's name and telephone number (if any); opposing or prosecuting attorney; bondsman and/or bond amount; any documents filed in the case; and, anything else you think might be helpful to us. 

In preparation for the consultation, you should write down any questions that you have. This helps you remember what you intended to ask. If you're looking to hire us, then your situation is a difficult one, and you're dealing with many issues and emotions. Writing down questions you have and taking good notes will help you keep track of things in this difficult time. 

At the conclusion of the consultation, you can commence the attorney-client relationship and our representation by executing an attorney-client agreement and paying the fee or making a deposit toward the fees to be charged in the case. At that point, we will be work on your case.